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Employee Branding: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Part Two

Recent research revealed that 83% of talent acquisition leaders say employer branding significantly impacts their ability to hire great candidates. Is your brand sending a positive or negative message?

Attracting employees is difficult. Add in a negative review or two on Glassdoor and you will find it even more difficult. More people today are looking at Glassdoor review than a company's own website to learn about the culture, career opportunities, work environment and how leadership is viewed.


  • Who do you want to attract?

  • What do they need to be successful in your company?

  • Are quality candidates applying to your job postings?

  • What is your interview process like?

  • Do Internet searches reveal what it's like to work for you?

51% of job seekers have buyer's remorse and 83% of those leave their employer within the first year!


  • How do you recognize/reward employees? Is it effective? How do you know?

  • Are you transparent? Do you regularly communicate with employees? Is the information clear?

  • Do you managers regularly meet with employees? Do they praise employees regularly or does this only occur during the annual performance evaluations?

  • Have you sat down with your employees and asked them where they want to be?

50% of employees report being appreciated at work has improved their relationship with management!


  • What is your turnover?

  • Do you conduct exit interviews? Do you read the results and/or engage in improvement based on the feedback?

  • Why do employees leave? (Have you asked them to stay?)

More than 70% of high-retention-risk employees say they have to leave their organization to advance their careers!

What Can You Do?

  1. Be a good employer - ask the tough questions and make immediate improvements.

  2. Tell people about your workplace - website, social media, internal and external communication.

  3. Ask your employees to become brand ambassadors (referral program, internships).

  4. As a leader, be visible and accessible - in the workplace and on social media platforms.

Attracting, engaging and retaining begins with you.

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