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How Do I Know It's Time to Bring Someone On: Hiring Your First Employee

Lately, I've been getting more requests asking what to do when it's time to start hiring employees. When it's your first employee, this decision can be wrought with a great deal of uncertainty - not only navigating the various compliance pieces, but also being able to keep that person busy and productive.

The first question to ask yourself, and perhaps the most important question, is whether the work is sustainable or is it short-term. If it's short-term, you may be better off engaging in a freelance/contractor relationship instead. But if the work is sustainable and repeatable, then it could be time to hire your first employee. To do this, you will need to document your procedures, list what tasks you need done, and begin the process of figuring out titles, roles, responsibilities and where to begin recruiting to fill this position.

The second question: Are you ready to be someone's boss? This can be tricky. The business has been all you. You've made all the decisions up to now. You've made all the sacrifices, put in the long hours and made the tough decisions. You understand how the files are organized, where you put things, and all the shortcuts to get stuff done. Mot of the customer contacts are in your own smartphone. So how do you translate all that to a new person? Will you share well? Are you ready to motivate as well as handle constructive criticism?

Third, where will you find the talent and how do you bring this person into your world? While there are multiple places to post (Zip Recruiter, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, social media, local newspapers, etc.), you want to make sure your ad stands out. On average, candidates spend 49.7 seconds before dismissing a job as a poor fit. Be engaging, tell your story (but keep it to 600-700 words max), and appeal to what employees care about.

It's a scary first step, but growth is important and we're help to help when you need it.

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