• Robin Carlin, Rustbelt HR

November Leadership Challenge - Embracing Gratitude

“What did I do to help my employees or team?”

There are 21 work days in November - try to jot down each day one thing you did to help your employees/team. I can guarantee that you will grow as a leader by the end of the month.

I’ll help you out with some key questions:

  • Did I encourage creativity

  • Did I make someone better

  • Did i help build confidence

  • Did I take even a small step to improving culture

  • Did I empower others

  • Did I listen

  • Did I share power - technology, resources, information

  • Did I let someone else solve a problem

  • Did I give a team member a speaking role

  • Was I humble and gave someone else credit

  • Did I say thank you

  • Did I communicate openly and honestly

  • Was I empathetic or understanding during a difficult moment

  • Did I remove an obstacle

  • Did I encourage learning

  • Did I introduce a new skill or concept

  • Did I respond well to a crisis

  • Did I help my team to take a risk

  • Did I encourage my team to tackle a difficult conversation in a constructive way

  • Did I give meaningful, constructive feedback

  • Did I provide an employee with one-on-one time

Mentoring, coaching and succession planning are essential parts of leadership.

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