• Robin Carlin, Rustbelt HR

Making Performance Conversations Meaningful

We’re nearing the dreaded year-end performance review season!

Below are 4 tips to make that next performance evaluation conversation go smoother and be more meaningful.

  1. Get yourself in a new mindset. Rethink of the purpose of the review and consider it as an opportunity to look ahead, set goals, identify new skill sets the employee would like to learn (and the company values).

  2. Start the conversation in a positive manner. Lead with “the performance evaluation process gives us a chance to look over the past year. Thank you for working on several important assignments this year.”

  3. Mention at least two meaningful ways the employee contributed - this could be serving on a team, meeting a deadline ahead of time, coming in under budget, etc.

  4. Ask questions. The performance evaluation process should be a dialogue. If employees are considered “brand ambassadors”, you want them leaving the review feeling like they were valued and it was a conversation, not being called into the principal’s office.

It doesn’t have to be scary or dreaded. It’s up to you to make it meaningful, valuable and engaging.

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