• Robin Carlin, Rustbelt HR

Employer Branding: Are You Engaging Your Employees?

I recently returned from presenting a session at the Nonprofit HR Talent & Culture Summit on Employer Branding. At the beginning of the session, I asked attendees to write down the following:

1. 3 words that best describe employees at your organization;

2. Share why your organization is a great place to work; and

3. The last time you looked at your organization's social media accounts.

Take a few minutes to think about your three words. Are they engaging, in active voice or passive? Are these three words the same three words your employees would use? How about your managers?

Why are you a great place to work? In HR, we are all guilty of saying this on job postings, but have you surveyed your employees to see if they agree? What exactly makes you a great place to work? Can you tell a story or give an example? Stories create an emotional connection for employees to the workplace.

Lastly, do you regularly check your organization's social media accounts? Are employees posting and being engaged online? 62% of candidates research companies on social media before being interviewed and 37% will move on if they can't find anything about a company.

Seek out your employee's input. Share their content. Be engaging.

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