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Ideas for Engaging Employees Using Social Media

Two of the most frequently asked questions I receive from small businesses are:

1. How do I develop content that employees and candidates want to see?

2. How do I keep up the momentum of posting on a regular basis?

Let's tackle the first question - developing useful content. Keep it simple. Start by breaking your employees into departments or groups. What interesting projects have they worked on recently? Have your employees attended any trades show or conferences? Are there new skills learned or certificates received? Do teams work together or collaborate? You can even ask a friend that doesn't work for your company what they'd like to learn, then have your employees tell the story.

Here are 10 simple ideas to get your started:

  1. Post job openings on your website, Facebook and Twitter. Ask your employees to share or tweet your posts and to add their own thoughts and experiences.

  2. Ask an employee to write a short blog entry about an interesting project he/she recently complete and are proud of.

  3. Compile a video of an employee talking about "Why I Work Here." You could post one new video each month and now you have created ongoing content!

  4. Interview an employee about their work environment, access to leadership or a meaningful assignment.

  5. Welcome new employees and ask about their outside interests - it's a great way to introduce them to the organization and to give other employees talking points when meeting the new employee.

  6. Post a picture of employees volunteering for a local cause and why they chose the particular nonprofit. Be sure and tag the nonprofit in your post.

  7. Employees receiving new certifications, licenses, attending conferences, etc.

  8. Employee promotions - what they value about the company and their path for moving up.

  9. Picture of your lunchroom, workout facility, or cool conference room to show perks of the job, collaboration or teamwork.

  10. Be fun and creative - use gifs. For example, on high five day have employees in a department high fiving. During holidays show employees celebrating.

The key is developing the kind of content that would attract and engage employees. Now go out there and make an impact!

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