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Summer HR Audit Checklist

As we enter the Summer months, now is a good time to complete a human resource audit of your activities and make an action plan to be in compliance.

Employee Handbooks

When was the last time you updated your Employee Handbook. Policies should be reviewed at least every two years. At minimum, your handbook should have an at-will statement, cover non-discrimination and how to make a complaint, provide an explanation of benefits and hours of work, how payroll or timekeeping is handled, policies addressing employee responsibilities, and safety and health.

Posting Notices

Make sure your posting notices address 2018 employment laws. You can download posters for free from the various enforcement agencies or pay for a 7-in-1 or 5-in-1 poster that covers both federal and state employment laws. Keep in mind that minimum wage often changes yearly.

Job Descriptions

Have people come and gone? Before filling a vacancy, take a few minutes to review the existing job description. Have the duties changed? Has new processes or technology affected the way in which the work is performed? Are you interested in changing skill sets and/or increasing the level of responsibilities?

Conducting Exit Interviews

Are you asking the right questions? Are you sharing the results with your managers and making them accountable for improvements?

Safety and Health

Have you scheduled any fire extinguisher training? If not, it's quick and easy to contact your local fire department and training is meaningful. Have you reviewed your emergency plans lately? Have you conducted active shooter training? Bloodborne Pathogen training? Updated your Accident/Injury Report?

These tasks are a good starting point and can get you on your way to ensuring HR compliance. Good luck and always know we're here to help you.

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